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MKC 2.3 AWD vs Escape Titanium 4WD

Hi All!

Let me first start out by saying that I really like where the in-car technology is going. My wife has a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0 AWD and I've been getting a little jealous. I have typically driven smaller sedans (4-door Focus Titanium), but have recently become interested in a larger family vehicle that would be good for road trips. I would jump right in and get an Escape, but the MKC has a sportier feel to it and makes for a quieter, more comfortable ride. I was able to test drive the MKC in 2.0L FWD and 2.3L AWD varieties, but I thought that the Escape felt faster -- even against the 2.3L MKC. I'm really torn between the two vehicles. To throw a wrench in there, I know that the 2018 MKC is getting some design alterations that may improve upon features and interior space. Here are some pro's and cons I've come up with:

Escape Pros:
  • better gas mileage
  • seemless gear shifting
  • more room in the back seat
  • more cargo space
  • great acceleration
  • costs a lot less

Escape Cons:
  • only 3yr/36k mile bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • feels a little bouncy sometimes
  • no navigation turn-by-turn in instrument cluster
  • torque steer

MKC Pros:
  • quieter ride
  • better sound system (even better with quieter interior)
  • sportier feel/better handling
  • 4yr/50k mile bumper-to-bumper warranty

MKC Cons:
  • 2.3L AWD acceleration felt lacking, even in sport mode
  • transmission has noticeable delay in between shifting gears
  • technology package falls short of Ford Escape equivalent
  • cramped rear interior

I think the acceleration and shifting are my biggest concerns. The 2.0L FWD MKC seemed snappier than the 2.3L AWD. The Escape 2.0L AWD feels snappier to me than either of the 2 MKCs, and the shifting on the Escape is barely noticeable. I'm wondering if it's just because the MKC hasn't had a chance to learn my driving style, or if this is just the way it drives.

From those who own a '17 model MKC, did you find that the acceleration and/or gear shifting improves after driving the car for a short while?
Word from the rumor mill is that the 2018 redesign will also improve interior space. Has anybody else heard of this?
Lastly, I'm looking forward to more driver assist improvements (Enhanced park assist, adaptive cruise control w/ stop & go, active braking, etc.). Is it likely that the 2018 model will adopt the newer and better versions of these features? Current model year technology package has some shortcomings compared to the 2017 Escape.

Thanks in advance. Any light that can be shed on any of these items would be very helpful.

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