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Vibration/Shudder while driving new MKC: ghost in the machine

I am hoping someone has encountered and been able to get a fix for the problem I am experiencing with my new AWD MKC. Took delivery June 26/15.

Immediately noticed that the car had an internal shuddering vibration, very much like the buffeting one gets when back windows are opened. However this is mild but noticeable. The vibrations are noticeable from 40km/hr onwards.

Visit 1 - I took the car back to the dealer within 3 days and a tech agreed that the vibration was noticeable. They rebalanced all the tires. No effect.

Visit 2 - 2 days later, I return car and they investigate a TSB #ASI-44725 that says 'tires could be the cause of vibration but customer has to drive significant mileage first to eliminate 'flat spot' conditions'. Nothing done to vehicle.

Visit 3 - One week later, having driven 1200 kilometres on a camping trip, I return the car to dealership saying the vibrations are still there. They pull off all tires and switch them with another new MKC on their lot. Reported it didn't improve the problem, so returned to previous tires and pulled out the driveshaft making it FWD. Vibrations seemed to lessen but upon further driving it was obvious that that it was only 20% less obvious.

At this point I'm starting to think that this is all in my head. Because of my line of work I have rented 100's of cars of all makes and sizes and have never encountered this phenomenon!

Visit 4 - I try out two other brand new MKC's (less than 50 km on either) to see if other units have the same issue. The first vibrates worse than mine! The second is much better, a smooth ride finally! So the dealer switches out all the tires and the driveshaft from the second unit to mine.

Now it gets interesting! The vibration is still there and obvious. I know what it feels like when a tire is not balanced, this is a vibration that is felt in the driving cabin ... as if it's a drivetrain issue.

The dealer service has been fantastic! They have tried a lot obviously, always treated me with courtesy and lent me loaner cars at every visit. The salesperson has been involved every step of the way. Now, I feel is if they are stumped about what to do next.

I am not a fussy person and I love all of the other aspects of the car. We chose the MKC specifically because my wife is disabled and HAS to have a smooth ride, just going over a manhole cover will cause her to wince in pain.

I would genuinely appreciate any ideas or help any of the fine people in this forum might have.

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