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Why did my wife and I switch back to Lincoln?

For ten years I have owned and loved an Infiniti FX45 and later several FX35s. The FX is a high-end SUV made by Nissan and one of the most trouble-free cars I have ever owned. In ten years of ownership (2003-2013) I never had to take the car back for anything. Luckily so, as the dealer was about 80 miles from home.

Here are some of the reasons that we are now driving new Lincolns.

My favorite salesman at Infiniti moved on, and in 2014 we bought a new MKZ for my wife and in 2014 I bought a 2015 MKC to replace the Infiniti FX. Now that I have had the MKC for close to a year, I can honestly say that the MKC rides better, gets much better gas mileage (24 mpg on regular vs. 19 mpg on high test), and has almost the power of the Infiniti V6. When driving in Sport, it seems to have the same amount of power.

Little things that I like about the MKC: It rides a lot better on any setting, uses regular gas, and it is not necessary to unscrew the gas cap. It looks good with a sporty look, but so did the FX. The seats in the MKC are a little softer and the interior is a little more luxurious. One thing that I do not like in the MKC is the small gas tank (adding 3-4 more gallons would be a big help). I am finally getting used to the "My Touch" screen, which I understand is being replaced in 2016 with Sync-3, but I really like the turn arrow in center of driver side dash, as it is not really necessary to even look at the map once en route.

When it comes to the price, the MKC is about $10,000 lower MSDS price. And then there is the "Made in USA" feature, as well as the fact that over the past years I have owned other Lincolns and Continentals (drivers and antique cars), including my current beautiful 1958 Continental 2dr. HT with 50K original miles. So I guess it seems logical that I go back to Lincoln, and I am glad that I did so. Overall I agree that the MKC is definitely a "viable alternative to the bigger brands" as mentioned by Hunter 090.

I was considering moving up to the new MKX, except that so far, the 4 cylinder Eco Boost engine is not an option in the MKX. I am a long-time V8 guy and it took me years to finally accept a V-6, but with the power mated to the good gas mileage of the 2.3L MKC engine, I am no longer concerned about the number of cylinders. One thing that I really do not understand is the almost identical appearance of the new MKC and the MKX. If you compare pictures of each car, it is difficult to tell the difference.

Next thing of interest is the upcoming 2016 Continental. This might be a great upgrade for my wife's 2014 MKZ, but am hoping for more conservative wheels, as the ones in the picture are a little over the top.

Attached are some pictures of my "other" Lincoln (1958 Continental and it runs and rides better than anything presently offered by Lincoln). I know it is too big, too heavy and gets bad gas mileage, but sure is a nice ride, and if my wife and I ever take up smoking, it has 5 cigarette lighters - one in each door, each rear side panel and dash - none were ever used!

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