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Originally Posted by Inliner View Post
It seems that the majority of the people on this type of site are the ones with problems. Out of the thousands of vehicles sold this is miniscule. I have been very satisfied with my Taurus, Grand Marquis, Marauder, Flex, MKC. Have I been lucky or are they just making excellent vehicles ?
Think it is partly luck or bad luck. If you read the other thread commenting about Eagle(jeep) cars I owned one trouble free for 275K, 9 years. Another person 34 trips to the dealer in 3 years! Can happen to anyone, any car...guess it's just my turn

I've been extremely lucky too I guess as this is the first car I'm getting hammered on in 6 brand new car purchases. I joined this forum because I was desperate to get answers to the very unique problems I've been having. Even if my problems were solved and I got my answers I would still continue to participate. Not EVERYONE on here is having problems thank goodness but it's a great resource to get answers and an idea on if you are alone in your issues.
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