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Yes, based on my conversations with Ford's In-Vehicle Tech team, remember that the app and modem are only as good as the cellular signal you're getting. I had a different carrier earlier this year and couldn't get the app to start the car, lock or unlock it from inside my house (not to mention just using my phone from inside the house for other reasons...). I switched carriers and the signal in my house is much better now. However, it also depends on where the car is parked which is receiving the signal. I can literally move my car to different positions on my street and sometimes the app functions will work and sometimes not - this is due to cellular signal strength variance where the car is parked. For instance, I also can't get the app to work remotely if I've parked in an underground parking structure because the car's modem cell reception is weak there even if the signal is good where I'm standing and trying to send the command. And the number of bars on your phone really means nothing...

Yes, these cars have had some infancy issues, but bear in mind the tech loaded into these cars compared to cars from the 90's (although I had a couple 80's Chryslers which were rebranded Mitsubishis and they had a lot for their day). Also, remember that some issues like the placement of the start/stop button were not a functional defect or malfunction - that was a manufactured paranoia on some peoples' parts that Ford's lawyers elected to take the path of least resistance to address. Several of us had absolutely no problem with the original design. I actually preferred the button on the bottom of the gear selector and thought it the height of silliness that they made me change it.

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