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  1. Is it possible to update 2015 MKC to SYNC 3?

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Bought used 2 years ago and would like to update from Lincoln MyTouch to SYNC3 for apple carplay. Bought used unit out of 2017 Escape APIM and screen. Now to figure out how to acess existing APIM/screen. Will this work or am I wasting my time? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. 2016 Lincoln MKC -- does Apple CarPlay work or not?

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hey all! I just purchased a used 2016 Lincoln MKC Select. I resolved some issues with Sync by downgrading to 2.2 and then re-installing Sync 3.0. Currently, voice navigation is working perfectly and all of the apps are functioning like they should. My stupid question is simple...can I get...
  3. 2016 MKC Headlights

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Recently purchases a 2016 MKC Black Label. Issue is headlights/all lights stay on all the time when set in automatic position. Is this a known issue or some setting that I dont see anywhere. its not Daytime running lights as the taillights and whatnot are on as well. This happens in the...