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2.3L EcoBoost Engine cutaway Photos

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These are cutaway photos from the 2015 Mustangs EcoBoost which is the exact same engine except for the exhaust manifold...

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thanks for posting these.
got to love seeing these cutaways. do you think Lincoln will have them on display at the detroit show?
nice photos

I like how the exhaust housing on the turbo is basically the exhaust manifold.
Interesting exhaust housing. They really tried to shorten the exhaust flow path to help the spool of the turbo. Twin scroll is nice too. I wonder how much air these little guys can move.
Can engine parts from the Mustang 2.3 be put on the MKC 2.3 to get horsepower and torque raised to match the Mustang's? I suppose doing so would void the Lincoln warranty. Could the MKC trans handle the extra power?
Anyone got thoughts/answers?
I would bet, that a pcm tuning done using a dyno would come close. But alas it does void your warranty. The old pcms you could simply set back to factory if something happened under warranty, but these new ones have a way to let ford know they were tampered with.
The MKC transmission is the same used on millions of FWD/AWD Fords and GM units.
GM-Ford 6-speed automatic transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Same type in the EcoBoost 3.5 Taurus/Explorer. So answer is yes, the tranny will handle much more than EcoBoost 2.3.

The fewer ponies are likely for smoother and more reliable operation as well as slightly improved mpg. The Genesis V-6 and Sonata turbo 4 both just lost a few ponies for the same reasons. For 99% of your driving needs, you won't notice the difference. Bore the EcoBoost 2.3 engine to 2.5 liters and you'll see a difference.

If it is power you are after, get the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and don't worry about aftermarket tweaks blowing up the powertrain or the warranty.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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