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Hi all,

We just turned over 120,000km/70,000mi on our 2015 MKC 2.3 Reserve a few weeks back and I thought I'd come out from under the rock I've been living under and do a quick writeup. We've been driving the daylights out of this thing since we bought it back in late 2014. Lots of trips to the mountains, we've moved twice, done a couple trips to california and the day to day work commute.

The MKC has held up really well over the last 120,000km with minimal problems. The only things it's been in for was for inoperative ambient lighting in the passenger door early in our ownership and the weak heated seats. Beyond that, I had a creak in the rear that was a bulletin for a ground strap rubbing against the metal, that was fixed. Other than that, no problems other than typical wear items like tires & brakes.

The fuel economy is terrible for such a small vehicle with such a small engine. I haven't seen anything better than around 20mpg regardless of how I drive which nets an embarrassing fuel range from the tiny fuel tank. 20mpg is about 1-2mpg better than my V8 Ford pickup averages consistently. From a 2.3L 4 cylinder with under 300hp in a compact suv, that is no bueno.

The THX audio system is mud. Maybe mine is defective but every time I drive it I play with the sound settings trying to get it right and it just sounds bad.

Other than that the ride is great, the seats are comfortable and I love the power and handling. It has proven itself to be reliable, comfortable and fun to drive. That said, I am planning on trading it for the '19 Nautilus later this year or early next. I traded my Ford truck in for a 2016 MKX a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, however I ended up trading it back in for another truck early this year. The MKX was far quieter, far more comfortable and the 2.7L averaged the same fuel economy as my 2.3 so I'd much rather go that route.

My overall opinion is that I feel like the MKC is a generation behind and Lincoln can do far better especially after seeing their latest products like the Navigator and Continental. That said, I have really enjoyed my ownership of the MKC over the last 3 years.


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