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2016 Lincoln MKX Spied Ahead of Detroit Auto Show Debut

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Spy photos have been popping up on the internet showing the production form 2016 Lincoln MKX wearing only light camouflage. Below are links to a couple of spy photo web articles : 2016 Lincoln MKX Spied Ahead of 2015 Detroit Auto Show Debut 2016 Lincoln MKX spied in production form

The close resemblance of the MKX to the MKC is unmistakable.
The 2016 MKX is set to debut publicly on Tuesday, January 13th. :)

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Seems a little disappointing next to the mkc. I am glad I did not wait. May be nicer in person, but does not look much different that the old style.
Yes, the front and rear have been restyled, but it looks like the exact same body from A to C pillar. The interior looks nice.
Probably a lot of money for a few inches of rear leg room, a little width improvement, and added rear hatch cu. ft. If those specs are a must have, than well worth its price differential, certainly compared to the pricing of other luxury SUVs. This is of course is based on using a reasonable price increase for the new MKX, over today's MKX, and likely increases for Lexus, Audi, Volvo, BMW, and Cadillac versions for 2016.
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Man, that is very disappointing compared to the concept. Reminds me too much of the MKT which is one of the ugliest cars on the planet in my opinion. Oh well.
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