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I am Fred and a Ford snob for decades simply because my first car was a 1965 Falcon Ranchero.
I did well in life and got to a point to be able to buy new cars after owning a lot of other brands, some very good and some terrible.

The last twenty years I have bought a bunch of new Ford vehicles on the X-Plan.

Back as a young man I always wanted the Lincoln Continental Mark V instead of all my friends who desired a Big Caddie or Chrysler

Last year my wife bought herself a Grand Cherokee and we both love it but I don't like that brand at all.

My turn to trade in a 2005 F350 4x4 King ranch for what ever I desire

Matthew McConaughey did not sell me, but Ellen D, Conan, and SNL did

Based on reading just about every topic/thread on this forum and a few other sites;

I decided to wait for the newer 2016 MKc with Sync 3, the newer version of the EcoBoost engine, and the few changes in "packages"

That said: On order for me June 17th, through Johnson Sewell Ford/Lincoln in Marble Falls Tx, 40 miles from me.

Midnight Sapphire, FWD 2.0L, White Sands/Expresso
Select 200A
CCD suspension
Select Plus
THX audio
Climate Pkg

No VIN yet, I assume I should get the car by late Aug

I have a few questions I will ask in the correct forum area(s)

Any way hello from Central Texas

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There does not seem to be any any interior or exterior differences besides colors and perhaps the placement of the start button

Premium, Select, and Reserve "packages" have different levels of "included" items and add on options

Example the Power lift gate withOUT hands free is now included in the middle tier Select package as is the choice of White Sands/Espresso interior colors

Lots of color options were changed and they are discussed in another thread on this forum

Biggest changes are;
A newer 2.0L twin scroll Turbo EcoBoost engine, the 2.3L (probably by a final drive ratio change) is now rated to tow 3000Lbs.
And the SYNC 3 software requires new electronic hardware inside the magic boxes so it is not backward compatible for folks with the 2015 models

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Good deal?

Who really knows when you are building a new model year (MY) car with some significant changes from the previous MY

Especially when all motor corps are trying to move out the remaining previous MY versions

I suspect Lincoln will still offer the student, police, military discount $500, and perhaps the $750 and no or low interest financing...I doubt initially they offer the competitive discount $$$ or loyalty discount $$$

I think the current marketing campaign for MY 2015s ends July 6th or so and requires taking from dealer stock

So to answer, I am happy with the price quoted. I qualify for the $500 Military discount, and hope they continue the $750 and no or low interest program
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