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2017 MKC 2.0L Engine Removal/Replacement

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Hello all,
New to the MKC Forum and hoping for some insight. Very Recently purchased a 2017 MKC With the 2.0L Ecoboost and, of course, it needs the engine replaced. I'm planning on doing the work this weekend. Factory procedure calls for removal of the subframe/cradle assembly. Does anyone know for sure if this engine will come out the top, perhaps with wiper cowl and/or hood removal? We've done plenty of engine replacements on different vehicles at our shop, many that had to come out the bottom, but also many that would come out the top, with some 'tricks'. Either way, I have to get it replaced as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice! And, yes, I am getting the 'updated' new engine from Ford.
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I've pulled the engine, but I pulled it as an assembly actually out the front with the radiator support module removed. I'm pretty sure you're not going to get it past the hood and will have to remove the hood, but it feels like there's enough room in there to get it out the top. That's just a guess though I've never done it
Thanks for the info. Upon closer inspection, it was painfully obvious that the engine was not coming out the top. Engine and Trans must be pulled as an assembly, since there is no where near enough room to sperate them in the vehicle. I got it done, without all the proper equipment, in about 20 hours. Installed a new Ford long block assembly, so hopefully never have to do this again!!
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