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Hello, I picked up my 2017 MKC in October, in the past month I have noticed the rear floor mat was damp. I am very meticulous about my car, no one gets in car other than my husband. I am only driver. I had noticed the rear passenger floor mat was damp and I looked thinking it may have been a bottle of water that leaked. No. I also have towels on the floor mats in the rear of vehicle. In the front I have heavy duty rubber mats over the Lincoln mats and a towel on the rubber mats. I had noticed the towels looked damp over the last month or so. To my dismay, the entire floor was drenched front and rear. There was also water in the rear where the spare tire is (5 inches). I am livid. Its been at dealer for almost two weeks now. Each time they "think" they have the issue resolved, they find another leak. Has anyone else experienced this?????:mad:
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