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2019 Non THX Sub continually popping

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2019 Base model, the sub in the rear is popping, pulled the fuse for the amp to stop it which of course disables the entire infotainment system.
Looking for schematic that shows where and what needs to be removed to pull the rear sub. Want to disconnect it first to see if it's the sub or the amp
unless you have a better testing procedure.

We can live without the sub until we replace, if that's the issue, just need to determine what is the problem vs throwing parts at the car.

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I don't know if it's the same problem I had, but my sub pop usually when I would enter the car, it wouldn't when I was driving it down the road but sometime between unlocking and starting the car it would pop. Mine was a bad ACM not a subwoofer or amp. FYI the amp is bolted right to the sub enclosure, if you pull the sub you pull the amp
It doesn't pop when opening door, never has, this just cropped up a week ago as she was driving home from work

Looking for schematic for rear area showing where the connectors are and how to remove the panel so I don't damage anything.
I had a parts car and I've recently crushed it. I think I still have a quarter panel trim though if I do have it all post some pictures
That would be great, just don't want to go in there and tear up things removing the panel.
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