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5,000 Service

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Brought my car in for service. Reported the heated seats do not get hot and they tested them. They did not reach the set temperature so they ordered new heating elements! They work great now - the way they are supposed to Linc :).

There is no TSB or fix for Siruis.

I had the start button moved. Now I have to get used to it in a new location!

Also the hook for the net in the cargo area broke off. They first told me the whole panel would need to be replaced and then they weren't sure it would be covered (it's a $600 panel). They had to get approval to replace at no cost. I would have escalated the issue if they tried to charge me. Turns out it didn't need to be replaced. The clip on the inside came off.

My dealer is black label. Got to check out the MKC and Z. They are nice. They dealer hasn't been updated yet.
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Well, Micmitc77, hope your much happier now with the MKC. You never answered my additional questions in the other post about those 6 vehicles you named that you owned or rented, so what does that leave one to really know of your reported current service experience. When comments are shallow and there is no follow through of questions, or replies are vague it leaves a huge void in fully understanding everything.

One thing is for sure, our seats c/c should fully operate as they are currently designed for, nothing less, nothing more. Going forward their never going to heat as high a temp as in the past.

Do you have heated only or heated and cooled seats in your MKC? There is a big difference in the system used and the seating materials are not the same either, as I'm sure you must have read. What temp were the seats at during the testing period and what temp are they at now? What are the listed heating element part(s) and part number they replace? Was anything else replaced for this issue?
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^^ honestly Linc you need to step away from the kool-aide. it either works or it doesn't. no one has to prove that others cars they have work the way it should. it only matters if their MKC does work as expected. seems that there's is working as it should after the fix by Lincoln. Great that Lincoln realized it and corrected their error.
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When people do not know a quite simple questions correct answer, they will usually act like does not matter and dismiss it. And insist they are right when they are not. Although it does get you to see what people are actually like. :wink
Can someone remind me how to block someone again?
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Just an oil change really and they rotated the tires. I had to have a series of another things looked at and the dealer I go to is an hour away, so waited until I needed an oil change to address the other issues.

I also took my father in law there to pick up his MKZ. It's a nice car too.

Also learned they are bringing back the Contiential to replace the MKS. To be announced at the Auto Show in NY next month.
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