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With the dual pane glass, deadening materials, and the noise cancelling so much of the 'upper' NVH is gone from the MKC leaving the tire and road noise pretty much all there is. And since it varies quite a bit with patches, pavement changes and all, it is what we notice.
It feels loud to me too, but when you strike up a conversation in an MKC you really notice how quiet it is-in total noise. Our roads around here are some of the oldest in the lower 48 and I notice which are newer.
Is the MKC having more tire noise than other cars? My wife's Volvo S60 is horrible (Michelins too). Any old body on frame vehicle is always quieter- unitbodies are a challenge for road isolation.
A similar thread asked about a way to turn of the ANC, and nothing seems to be easily switchable. So you might see if you can pull a fuse for the radio and it may knock off the amp feeding our speakers.
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