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Actuator drivers side 2019 MKC

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My air doesn’t work sometimes on drivers side. Was never able to get it to dealership when it wasn’t working. Would head to dealership and it would start working again. I waiting in answer if it will be covered under warranty ( 58000 miles)now as it’s doing it more often. . I’m sure it’s the drivers side actuator for heat air that is not working on and off. I cannot find a video showing how to change it. Is this something we can do ourselves instead of having dealership do it if not covered under warranty and if so can someone point me to video. I found one for passenger side on older lincoln and it looked simple but none for drivers side
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I don't know on a 2019 but my 2017 did this a lot, it took a programming of the FCIM to the latest firmware for mine to be better
Update: they covered replacing it under warranty. 60,00 miles. Because I had problems prior to warranty being up and reported it. It did take a little bit of talking though to get it done!
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