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Hi everyone,

I need opinions. I have a 2017 lincoln MKC Reserve CPO. I have owned the car for 2 years and 66000 Km.

When I hold the steering straight, the car goes to the right. Thinking its its the road, tried highways, parking lots and new paved roads. Straight roads.

Car is still going to the right.

Background story.. new Tigerpaws all seasons tires but they are slightly higher side walls 235/55/18 instead of 235 50 18 , newly aligned at the dealership. I also had this trouble in the past and a tire shop "fixed it" but never showed me the alignment sheet.

I brought my car to Lincoln after I purchased new all season tires from a tire shop and I always do an alignment.

The Lincoln tech said that the alignment is perfect, but when i drive the car it still pulls to the right when holding the steering wheel straight.

When I brake, the car doesnt pull to the side as long as I hold the steering wheel slightly to the left to compensate the trouble I am having.

Lincoln is blaming the brand new tires as they have inspected the suspension.

I am going back on the 19th to get micheline tires put on and go for a road test.

Has anyone else experienced this in the past?

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Ask for this question, does the vehicle pull to the right or does it just go to the right with the steering wheel straight requiring you to hold the wheel slightly left. Caster and camber will affect a vehicle causing it to feel like it’s pulling kind of like how the crown of a road will pull you to the right, if you actually have to hold your wheel off of center that has a problem with toe either front or back. Sounds to me like you need to find a better alignment shop.
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