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Just saw this write up and figured I would post it here for those of you who are interested.

As most of you know, Matthew McConaughey has been working with Lincoln to make some commercials promoting the brand's vehicles. The commercials were pretty successful, and also had several spoofs made of them which only multiplied their advertising effect. Ford reported that sales were up 25% the month after the first commercial came out.

Anyway, what I read today was this:

It all started with the 1986 Town Car he was driving in The Lincoln Lawyer, that later became the actor’s car, according to Pursuitist. “I just love how it felt. How it drove. Sometimes I like driving it because it’s so simple. I had a Navigator after that, and we had an Aviator that my then girlfriend, my wife now, drove. She loved it,” the Academy Award Winner told the source.
So it seems they chose a celebrity endorser well because he actually likes the brand, even when he's not paid to.

Matthew McConaughey Is Not Just an Ambassador He Actually Likes Lincoln Cars - autoevolution
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