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So here is my post and contribution:
- ran great for 2yrs.
- started up yesterday and the radio is doing the following:
- static while the radio is off through the speakers
- a constant ping of static only 1second
- tin sounding only out of one speaker
- radio speakers only work when in park

Knowing I have to replace to amp in the back under the cover, by the spare tire. I did this and it worked for while.
- pulled the amp
- took the screws out and gently pulled the board out
- cleaned the board because it was EXTREMELY DIRTY
  • put new thermo past down as recommended by anyone that has worked with computers ( this is tile thermo paste, don't use liquid)
  • put it back together and wouldn't you know it works.... for a month... then it started all over again.

took it to the dealer :
just to test it is 80 dollars
the part is 800 and there are no refunds if it doesn't work or fix the problem.
80 dollars to program as well.

This makes me not want to buy another Lincoln ever with the dealings that has been going on. Along with that my engine light came on and its the purge valve that is in the engine compartment that now you cant just buy a 10dollar part for it. Its now a one giant tubing and mechanical vavle that is connected altogether. Price to get this fixed 678.00 from the dealership.

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I put one in out of a salvage yard. I bought it on eBay so I could view the revision number. So far so good. If you get one from an MKC no programming is needed

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Since you are comfortable on pulling it apart and getting to the board. Look for bad/ cracked solder spots. (pick up a cheap magnifying glass if you don't have one). I thought I posted a youtube video on a common place on the board which has failures. (i'm too lazy to look for it)
search on youtube Lincoln THX repair or other key words and see what pops up.

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I had most of the same symptoms you describe except for the speakers only working in park. A new amp resolved the issue for me.

The saga of these amp parts is a reminder to everyone that consumers often end up being beta testers for inexpensive part production. The part revision on this amp I am currently running is revision E. I struggle to see how this leads to consumer satisfaction when the engineering to get this right is probably only a few bucks more per part - crazy really.
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