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Auto Braking

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Does anyone here know when Ford/Lincoln will install AUTO-BRAKING in their vehicles?

I have a 2013 MKS with the " collision-mitigation braking "but it does not
stop the car. If, in adaptive cruise control, it will apply the brakes if the car ahead slows (attempting to maintain the user established distance between cars) but the braking drops out at 30-35 mph.

Seems to me if they have that technology already "built in" if should be fairly simple to continue braking until vehicle stops and/or fully stop car at low speeds (without being in adaptive cruise control).

I was hoping the technology would be forthcoming in the new MKC but apparently it isn't.

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I wonder if the lack of this feature is more a result of cautionary practice to lessen the likelihood of an accident/litigation, or if the feature is not included because full auto-braking would necessitate more sensors and other equipment that would increase the cost of the vehicle?

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Since the current MKS/MKZ/MKT and the new MKC have BRAKE MITIGATION, the hardware is there. Plenty of sensors and the computer to effect the braking is also there -- other wise the ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL would not be working. It can be programmed for distance, it senses the distance between car ahead and your car and APPLIES BRAKES.

The BRAKE MITIGATION senses the car (object) ahead and "preloads the brakes" to assist driver braking - also alerts driver thru visual and aural indications.

I thought maybe someone on the forum has some contact at Ford engineering that could provide some thoughts on why they don't fully brake at lower speeds.
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