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auto car wash rips off rear wiper

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Two different auto car washes have left the rear wiper hanging. Internet searches have provided info that this problem exists in different auto manufactures. A suggestion was to tape the wiper to the window before running through. Anyone else with this issue?
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I've never heard of that before with any vehicle until now. I've never had that issue with any of my vehicles. You must live next to some car washes that do a really good job. Mine never do a good job at cleaning the rear but maybe that's a good thing...
My rear wiper was ripped off at the car wash. They usually tape it with blue painter's tape. Must have missed it that time. The tape works.
A mental note of checking the wiper is a good idea. The first time i drove wome only to see the wiper hanging down. As i grabbed it the unit came off without pulling on it. Normally, i can easily figure out how things go back together but when an additional clip fell to the groung made it a challenge to reassemble.
2019 MKC rear blade was ripped off and it was taped down. The carwash did order a new wiper arm and replaced it but, needless to say, I have found a new car wash.
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