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Automatic side view mirrors

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Has anyone else had problems with the automatic retracting side view mirrors locking in the closed position? This has happened to me three times while on the road and Lincoln cannot seem to figure out the problem. I like my MKC but this is a scary thing. Thanks
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have you accidentally hit the fold mirror button on the drivers side door?
No. The dealership and Lincoln can't figure out what's going on. They've tried "software" updates and more to no avail.
Mine have been in two times and now the third for the mirrors on both sides ckicking and continuing to try to adjust. Intermittant problem but it happens on both sides of car. No fix yet.
So how do you get them unstuck? You can't really drive around with no side view mirrors.
We had the stuck/clicking mirror on the passenger side when switching from my preset position to my wife's. This happened while we were on a road trip every time we changed drivers & moved the mirrors. I manually repositioned the mirror a couple of times when we switched & this seemed to unstick the position. Since then, my wife slightly changed the setting of her mirrors & it no longer sticks. Obviously that is not a fix to the problem, but for now, it is a work around for us.
My MKC is again in the dealer for repair for this issue. It's been in for over a week now and I am being told that an "engineer" from Lincoln went out and determined that a "modulator" of some type was the culprit and it has now been replaced which they say will now resolve the issue.
Since my problem has been intermittent and has occurred every couple months, I am cautious about whether it has been resolved. I have been working with Lincoln on this issue.
have you accidentally hit the fold mirror button on the drivers side door?
That IS EXACTLY what happened to me, reaching for the window up/down button, I accidentally touched the mirror button and it threw it out of synch.
Basically, I unlocked the door, got inside closed the door, window down and played with the mirror button and suddenly it came back to folding in/out....unfolded it, turned engine off, window up got out, hit lock and it auto folded back in....I was told by the dealership's service manager if this happens and you manually unfold the mirrors you would have to go through this and the car will relearn the function.
I hate how close those mirror buttons are to the front windows button switches! They could have put them in the door! :eek
It happened to me once. I had to manually unfold the mirrors.
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