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Black Steering Wheel Bra

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Anybody get a black steering wheel cover for their vehicle? Yeah, the sales guy handed it to me and didn't say anything. It's a cover that slips over the steering wheel. If your like me and drive a lot with one hand that wheel is very slippery.
There's no grip.

I sense somebody complained after the fact. My wife hates it and immediately takes it off. I find it in the cup holder and put it back on.

It makes a huge difference.

It was almost like the sales guy was apologizing when he handed it to me.
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Are you talking about the cloth condom that comes on the wheel from the factory? It is usually removed and discarded during dealer prep. There was one on a test car I drove... they had not prepped it yet, still had the goofy plastic wheel covers on as well. I wanted to steal it :) , thought it was kind of cool.

Sadly mine was thrown away before I got it. Did you get something different that what I am describing?

No, mine is very nice. Not the cloth condom. My wife says they give it to you out here,Arizona, so you don't burn your hands on the wheel when the intense heat starts.
Wow... that is cool. Can you take a photo when you have a chance. Does it look like a Ford/Lincoln accessory or maybe something aftermarket the dealer is getting?
Sure, I'll take a pic of it and show everybody. It's aftermarket, but I love it.
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The dealer near me has 2 Black Label MKCs on their showroom floor...both have the black steering wheel cover. Must be included with the Black Label upgrade?
Sounds like a good idea as long as it isn't ugly looking. Please post up a picture for us. Is it Lincoln branded, or after market?
Aftermarket. Gives you a firm hold on an injection molded wheel.
God I hate covers on steering wheels, they kill the natural feel of the wheel that engineers worked so hard to accomplish. They are always bulky feeling and have gaps on the underside. Interested in seeing pic too because I'm curious but I totally understand why your wife takes it off...
My brother uses those ones that you actually lace up to the steering, and his has little nubs sticking out....and a Tazmanian devil on it LOL....and it's multi coloured like it's a Disney giveaway!...HATE it he actually asked me if I like one...guess the look I gave him was enough to hint I was not interested!!! LOL
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