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Brakes at 97,000 miles

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I was having some pulsating on the front brakes so I decided to replace the pads and rotors today. Here are a couple of shots of my OEM pads with 97,000 on them and new ones. I think there was a LOT of life still in the OEM pad. BTW two weeks ago when I had an oil change done the shop told me my brakes were soo worn out that the car was not safe to drive home. I can't remember but i don't think I was wearing a skirt that day.
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Ha. Not safe to drive, they'd hate to see what my brakes look like. Those look pretty good.

I've noticed a lot of times the pulsating brakes occurs when people don't put the wheels on correctly, I did tell my own maintenance and once I stopped using an impact and hand tightened my wheels, I never again had to turn my rotors for warp.
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so looking at your pic's. you have a serious caliper issue or the pins in the caliper bracket. When you did your brake job I hope you popped the pins out of the bracket and lubed them make sure there moving freely. not sticking. If that's fine you need to look at you caliper. rebuild it or just get a new one. brake pads when working properly should wear equally. the pulsating can also be the rotors yes but also can be what I just explained with the pins. I have the 2016 reserve 2.3 AWD and I love this car!! and no your pads dont look great. They show a problem.. I've been a mechanic for 40 years. Also you are correct hand tight lugs then torque to 100 foot pounds with a torque wrench. Always in a star pattern.
Thanks everyone for the comments, just to make sure we are all looking at the same thing. In each picture is one new unused pad and the same pad just removed with 97,000 miles on it. Yes I thoroughly cleaned the calipers and the slide pins were removed, degreased, chucked up in the drill press clean up with emery cloth and steel wool, recleaned lubed and reinstalled. Things are working well now.
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