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Brakes at 97,000 miles

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I was having some pulsating on the front brakes so I decided to replace the pads and rotors today. Here are a couple of shots of my OEM pads with 97,000 on them and new ones. I think there was a LOT of life still in the OEM pad. BTW two weeks ago when I had an oil change done the shop told me my brakes were soo worn out that the car was not safe to drive home. I can't remember but i don't think I was wearing a skirt that day.
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Ha. Not safe to drive, they'd hate to see what my brakes look like. Those look pretty good.

I've noticed a lot of times the pulsating brakes occurs when people don't put the wheels on correctly, I did tell my own maintenance and once I stopped using an impact and hand tightened my wheels, I never again had to turn my rotors for warp.
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