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Cadillac gives its two cents on Lincoln

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"I root for the folks at Lincoln," said Bob Ferguson, Cadillac brand boss, to AutoGuide while at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this week.

The comments are a contrast to what Cadillac design chief Ed Welburn said earlier this year. "They're not a global luxury brand. i don't consider them a competitor," he said in an interview.

Is Cadillac the only true American luxury brand? “Not at all,” said Ferguson. “I’m not dismissive.” He then went on to explain his philosophy. “The better we do as American luxury makers, the more credibility it adds to our offering.”

Ferguson had similar words for Tesla. "When people ask me what I think about Tesla, I tell them; 'Isn't it great to see another American luxury company doing well.'" He went on to say that Lincoln has "difficult cards to play."

Cadillac is doing much better than Lincoln at the moment with more models and sales. The brand also just released the new ATS Coupe. Lincoln has only 5 models, and one of them is the dated Lincoln Navigator.

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Cadillac are a bunch of arrogant punks. Bob Ferguson is a dolt, always has been always will be. Hes not a product person hes a sales person... Hold on Bobby lets see just how well y'all are doing per model ;)

Total Lincoln Sales: 81,694
Total Cadillac Sales: 182,543

Lincoln sells 5 models= 16,338 sales/model
cadillac sells 14 models= 13,038 sales/model

Sorry Bobby, last time i checked 16 is bigger than 13 ;)
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Now just imagine if Lincoln didn't have fleet sales that were strong.
I know Cadillac also does fleet sales but it doesn't seem to be as much as Lincoln.

Have they ever made their fleet sales numbers go public?
They are just trying to make up for the last comment that got them some negative criticism from Lincoln buyers and supporters :)
Lincoln doesn't do much in fleet sales anymroe
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