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Center Console?

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My wife is dead set on the MKC and I have 1 reservation. I am 6-0 tall and I am concerned about my knee resting on the center console on long trips. I am the one that drives when we are together and the last thing I want to do is buy the MKC and not be able to drive comfortably.
Anyone out there have any experience with this? Is this something to be concerned with?
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6'2" and 240lbs here. You'll be shocked at the room in the MKC.

The side of the console is soft/padded, you won't have any issues. My only issue is being used to having the console in my truck to rest my hand on, with the MKC there's just kind of a big gap there between the console and the climate/radio area
6'4" and never felt cramped either, very comfortable to drive.
6'2" 190, taken several long trips never felt cramped, even after a couple 14 hour straight through.

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Glad to hear the good news on the 14 drive - I have one coming up next month.
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