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Check out China's Dealership

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Check out what a Lincoln Dealership looks like in China:

Lincoln Facility - Experience Lincoln | Lincoln China

Building these in the U.S. would go a long way in improving Lincoln's image and improving service.
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I totally agree. The "Ford / Lincoln" dealer where I bought my MKC has very little to differentiate the Lincoln line. Same sales and service, and staff who really don't seem to know much about the Lincolns, likely due to their low volume relative to Fords.

The separate thread on this site pertaining to the wrecked MKC, with difficulty getting parts and not having a body shop staff trained on the MKC is further evidence of this concern.
The dealer where I got my MKC is a combo Ford/Lincoln (same with the other one around near me). They have split the dealer in half so to say; one side Ford and the other side Lincoln down to the sales department. Finance / waiting areas are shared unfortunately.

I would expect to have a stand alone Lincoln dealership and the one like in China would be awesome. I think it's disappointing that Lincoln / Ford is investing so much in China and hardly anything here in the States. Lincoln won't be really considered a "luxury" brand until they have seperate dealerships. Until then Lincoln will have the reputation of an upgraded Ford.
I think I read a few years back that Lincoln was trying/requiring dealership to upgrade. I think there was a lot of push back until Lincoln released more new models.

Its kind of a chicken and egg thing. Nicer dealerships would increase sales, increased sales would pay for the upgraded dealerships. When I did my Date Night for the MKC, the sales rep told me their sales were up a couple of hundred percent with the release of the MKC.

Also China doesn't have have the baggage of poor Lincoln products of the past decade or so.
This would go an awful long way in building up Lincoln's brand image. Lots of money though. Perhaps Lincoln China's success will be able to fuel more investment into Lincoln NA.
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