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Condensation Puddle?

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Do any MKC owners notice a large condensation puddle under passengers front door shortly after driving? I know it's just condensation from running the climate system on auto but I was shocked how much there was.
We had the date night MKC for 3 days and couldn't believe how much there was on the garage floor after parking it every time. It looks like I took a couple gallons of water and poured it right around the passenger side front tire.
I've owned a lot of different vehicles and never seen that much before.

Also, enjoy reading all the info you folks put on here. It's been very helpful for us that are on the fence.
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Actually, the water from mine has wound up INSIDE the vehicle in the front passenger's side footwell. Something is not draining correctly. Car is at the dealer as we speak trying to get it sorted out.
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