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The C of course is a small SUV, I would have enjoyed the extra room a X would offer, but we did not what to wait a year for their stock to build. The C is mainly for and is my wife's, she loves it, there was no second choice for her. All our vehicles must fairly work for me too. I have always enjoyed the hunt of finding a new vehicle the way we fully like it on a lot in my area. With that said, I'm not that tall. I like this seat most of the way back, steering telescoped and do enjoy resting my arm on and knee against the very soft door panels. Not too sure what I've done with center console, I do know there was no discomfort in my case to recall.

From my early concerns with size, to my finially agreeing it was by far the best choice for her, I have grown to be very pleased with the choice. Quite happy so far to be back in a Lincoln and looking forward to liking and possibly one day purchasing the new X.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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