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Cordless Vacuum

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Anyone have a Powerful Cordless Vacuum that they can suggest.:laugh
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Oh boy....


Sorry ;)

Dyson, but they're pricey...
I have had a Black&Decker Dustbuster Lithium 14.4Volt for a couple of years...and it is great, holds its charge and has great power. Had to buy it check prices there. Lot less than Dyson. Couldn't find it in stores at the time.
Make certain you get a Lithium battery version...doesn't lose its charge when not in use, and one charge really does the job.
I kinda stick with corded 15 amp motors and not have to worry about battery power, but then I also like naturally born albino's not bleach white blondes!!!! dancing to a different beat! lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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