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Crankcase ventilation hose error

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2018 MKC 2.3. Just got car back from dealership. Had a timing cover leaking oil so they replaced gasket. They held it hostage for 4 days waiting on warranty payment. problem is , got almost home and MIL light came on. On my phone its saying crankcase ventilation hose sensor is reporting a sensor outside of .....
.I called dealership, of course its 500 on Friday, they said bring it back on Monday. Thing is my wife needs to go to a funeral Saturday and she's scared to drive it. Is there something I can look for that maybe came unhooked or unplugged? Thanks for any quick advice.
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It's difficult to say exactly what the problem may be without further diagnostic testing, but if the MIL (check engine) light has come on, it's possible that there could be an issue with the crankcase ventilation system or related sensors.

Since you just got the car back from the dealership, it's possible that something may have been left unplugged or not fully connected during the repair process. However, without proper diagnostic tools and knowledge of the car's specific components, it's difficult to determine the cause of the issue.
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