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Hey there everyone.

We picked up a 2016 MKC in February, and we love it. I recently noticed something odd, and I want to raise it to the group to see if I am losing my mind.

If this was posted somewhere else and I missed the thread, can you please direct me to it?

When your welcome mat lights come on, are they perfectly parallel (straight) with the car?

I recently walked up to the car at night and looked at the welcome mats I thought they looked crooked. I decided to watch the mirrors fold in and I felt like they were not folding in all the way. They fold in almost the entire way, but the welcome mat appears slightly crooked.

It isn't that bad, and most people wouldn't even notice it; but like all of you, I am proud of my car and I want it to be perfect.

Has anyone else experienced this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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