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Dashboard just cracked, only have 700mi on odometer

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Hey all,

Picked up a new 2015 MKC Reserve about 3 weeks ago, only 705mi on the odometer.

Walked out to my car after work and noticed the plastic (or Glass) over the dashboard display had cracked about 2 inches or so while I was at work.

Cold morning today for FL (45F) followed by a moderate beautiful afternoon (70F), so I'm wondering if the temperature change did it. Really odd.

Anyone else run into this before?
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Wow, never heard of something like this happening....are you talking about the clear plastic cover over the speedometer & tech?
Wow. It shouldn't be that sensitive to changes in heat like that. That's pretty odd. Have you approached the dealer on it yet?

My dashboard plastic has a chip and scratches on it like it was removed. I asked the dealer if it had been removed for any reason on one of my many service visits to which they replied no.

Husband said it could be from robotic arm installation and just very bad QC. Not home now but will take a picture of it and post when I get back to my car.
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