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We know the MKC is based on the Escape and we know changes were made allowing MKC to have its own distinct flavor, but what exactly is the difference?

  • Wheelbase is the same at 105.9 inches.
  • MKC is longer overall at 179.2 inches vs Escapes 178.1 inches.
  • Width without mirrors grew to 73.4 in (MKC) from 72.4 in (Escape); Width with mirrors is 84.1 in (MKC) vs 81.8 in (Escape)
  • MKC rides an inch lower 65.2 in vs 66.3 in for the Escape.
  • Track width was also widened for MKC 62.4 in front/ 62.5 in rear vs the Escapes 61.5in front and 61.6 in rear

Clearly the MKC is a slightly larger car on the exterior, but has that translated to the interior as well?

Measurements in Inches

MKC Headroom: First row 39.6/Second row 38.7
Escape Headroom: First row 39.9/Second row 39.0

MKC Legroom: First row (maximum) 42.8/Second row 36.8
Escape Legroom: First row (maximum) 43.1/Second row 36.8

MKC Shoulder room: First row 56.0/Second row 55.3
Escape Shoulder room: First row 56.0/Second row 55.3

MKC Hip room: First row 54.4/Second row 52.8
Escape Hip room: First row 54.8/Second row 52.4

MKC Cargo volume behind first row: 53.1 cu. ft.
Escape Cargo volume behind first row: 68.1 cu. ft.

MKC Cargo volume behind second row: 25.2 cu. ft.
Escape Cargo volume behind second row: 34.3 cu. ft.

MKC Total passenger volume: 97.9 cu. ft.
Escape Total passenger volume: 98.1 cu. ft.

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This is indeed hard to believe and if so very disappointing. With a slightly longer wheelbase, and the same rear leg room,the MKC has approx 15 cu. ft less space in the rear than the Escape. Think about it -- 15 cu. ft. would require a space in the rear just short of 1 ft. less that the Escape.
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