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DRL/Fog Lights - install on Premier?

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Hello all -

For Christmas, I got a base model 2016 Lincoln MKC Premier FWD. It's very nice but it's missing a lot of features that are standard on higher trim levels. It's frustrating that the 2017 Premier model, for example, now offers a remote hatch release - even the Ford Escape has that.

Anyway, I see my vehicle has the plastic inserts for the placement of the Daytime Running Lights/Fog Lights. I checked with the Lincoln dealer and they have the DRL assembly that would fit in the opening but they told me the existing Premier wiring harness won't support the installation of this lighting assembly, so they can't do the install.

Can anyone tell me if I have any options on this? Could a custom body shop in the Baltimore area get the official Lincoln parts and make the install? Has anyone in this group done anything like this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Regards, Chris
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Adding DRLs

Congrats on your Christmas gift. I have been encountering the same issues wanting to install the OEM DRLs in my 2017 MKX Premier. My dealer also told me that the existing wiring does not support the DRLs. Upon removing the front splash pan I would not be able to gain enough clearance to get the DRLs installed over the cutouts. I did notice what appeared to be the 6-pin connector that would mate up to the DRL assembly. I am assuming that they still would not work based on what we found out from the dealer. I purchased the 2017 MKX wiring manual and learned that its a 6-connector with pints 1 and 6 supplying the 12 volts DC. I was able to locate matching power connector and would plan on purchasing an aftermarket relay kit to power the DRLs from the 12 volt accessory power. I then, as you indicated, would have to get a local auto body shop to install the DRLs. I hope this helps. The Premier is nice model just it falls short on some of the basic features. Like the Home Link control which I added, and power lift gate which I am looking into replacing the gas struts with the stronger struts from from a model that has the option.
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DRL follow-up

Hi Chris,

Where you ever able to get your DRLs installed on your MKC? If so, did you have to replace a cable harness? I am still trying to install DRLs on my 2017 MKX and as far as I can tell, its a cable harness issue. I did find the DRL connectors behind the lower bumper and plugged them into DRLs and checked the continuity from the DRL connectors to the headlamps but have not gone any further. I also got a OBD reader/programmer and FORScan software but have been unable to come up with any sets of codes that would activate the DLRs. If we are dealing with a cable harness issue, then I would have to abort on this DRL initiative.

Regards, Ron
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