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Engine noise when coasting/stopping

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So glad I found this forum, I've needed a place to gripe to! I've had my MKC Reserve since August. Once I had hit about 1000 miles I noticed I started to have this weird engine noise start happening. It happens when I let off the acceleration and sometimes when I'm at a full stop. It's like a click/grinding noise. At times it get so loud it's embarrassing and other times I go a whole drive with barely noticing it. It usually happens more when it's been parked for awhile, although still happens periodically when being driven a lot. I've had it in to the dealer twice, once with a drive along, and of course it barely made the noise for the man to hear. The second time was a technician driving it and he said the engine noise was "normal". I've owned a number of cars and I've NEVER experienced this! My co-workers have even commented on it when I'm driving it.

Is this just me? Is there anyone else experiencing this noise?
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2.0 or 2.3? I have a 2.3 with about 1,700 miles on it and no noises like you describe. But climate here is "warm."
2.0. I've been thinking it had something to do with the cooler weather, but can't think of what would be causing it. Very frustrating.
I started to have this weird engine noise start happening. It happens when I let off the acceleration and sometimes when I'm at a full stop. It's like a click/grinding noise.
Does it only happen when the engine is decelerating?

How about if you shift to neutral before you let off the accelerator?
It sounds like I have the exact same problem. I live in LA and at Arnd 1200 miles I started hearing a weird noice wheni would coast or brake. It sounded like something scratching against the under carriage of my mkc. It's been at the dealership for 8 days. They tell me the noise is coming from a component in the transmission. I'm not at all happy abt having a new car in the shop for 8 days. I intend on seeking $$ from Lincoln, considering I'm driving a loaner without the features of tr car in laying for
I've never tried putting it into neutral to see if that stops the noise, but yes it's only when I'm decelerating or at a full stop.

I'm glad someone out there is experiencing this, too. My dealership keeps blowing me off and now I'm going to go back and be a lot more firm. I shouldn't feel this way driving a $40000 car!!
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Check out my post from a while back. The issue was resolved.

My car has been with the dealer since Thursday. They can't fix the Sirius issue. They reprogrammed my welcome mats. For the breaking and now steering noise they replaced a few bearings, but the noise was still there so Lincoln told them to replace the lower control arm. Hopefully I get it back on Monday. Only has 1,920 miles.
Did anybody get this resolved yet? What was the fix?
I'm not sure if I have the same thing but it sounds very similar. I have a 2.3 and to me it sounds like a rattle from the front left, almost like the ABS. With the roof / windows open it sounds more like metal clanking, though.
I hear it the worst in the morning when I back out of the garage and slowing down anytime at 10mph. If I slow down normally I hear it for a second or less, if I slow down and coast around 10mph it may go on for a couple seconds. It also seems to be more prominent if I do a slow left turn.
I'm about to call the dealer next week and just wanted to have some ideas if someone else already went through it...
PS: my first post here, but it look like this is the place to be ;)
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It's in issue with the front bearings. Happened to me twice. My car has been in the shop Wednesday. They had to order more parts. Hope to get it back tomorrow.
So after a week in the shop, I picked up my MKC today. They fixed the Siruis issue. They also replaced the front bearings again. I drove the car for less than an hour and it started making an even louder noise. It's a different noise. It sounds like I was dragging something. So back to the dealership it goes. My dealer is an hour away, which is very annoying.
Finally got my rattles fixed.
The cold start one was the exhaust hitting something for the first 20 seconds before it heated up and expanded. They had to re-align it and it's all good now.
The one slowing down around 10mph they said was the battery tray. I have a hard time believing that but it's gone so I'm happy ;)
Finally enjoying a nice quiet ride except that I got a chunk out of a tire sidewall when I hit a curb and then hit something in a construction site so I have a bubble out the side. Now waiting for a new $430 20" Pirelli...
Our car has made an odd low frequency scraping or squawking sound from the rear suspension. No particular conditions seem to affect it. Cold hot fast slow - can happen anytime. Seems to be diminishing or maybe I just don't hear it as annoyingly as when new. Taking it in for the first service soon and will press service to address it.

Danimal - what part of the exhaust system did your dealer have to realign? Near engine? Or near back end?

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