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Excessive water pours out of doors

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I have been going back and forth with my dealer regarding my MKC holding a lot of water between the door and the rocker panel after a rain, and dumping it out onto the ground when the door is opened. The amount of water which is pooling on the water panel is likely a couple cups worth.

The dealer insists there is no fix they can perform because this is "how the door seals are designed" and it just naturally traps the water due to that design.

I see what they are saying, in terms of how the seals are behaving and trapping water, but I do find it fairly unacceptable.

I was mostly curious if anyone else has been having this trouble.

(Really I have had SO much trouble with this truck it is really ridiculous, but have slowly gotten a number of issues finally resolved through a lot of trips to the dealer and involvement of Lincoln corporate).
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I've had several vehicles that have done the same including the our previous Ford Edge and now the MKC - Since the doors seal so tight, the water is held between the door seals and the rocker panel trim. I would not worry about it.. The alternative would be to allow gaps in the lower door seals resulting in additional noise into the cabin.
How much water have you seen coming out of the doors?

If it was a small amount, some drips, some moisture, etc, I would not be too concerned.

However, this is enough water to fill some drinking glasses. I suspect this will be a nightmare in the winter.

I am sure it keeps the sound out real nice, but a tad of noise to accommodate proper drainage of that amount of water would not really affect interior sound levels much. I do not think it should be be acting as a dam creating a reservoir in there.
Im not sure if you are getting this water trapped between the door rubber seals, OR water that runs down the inside of your door through your rubber window seals....if it is water sitting between the door and it's isolating seals, I agree with blankster.....however I had this type of issue with my Mustang GT CS...water was actually getting into the doors through the window seals, especially while I was washing it....after I had finished washing I would usually pull it out my driveway and point it nose first toward the top of our street ( it's a slight incline) and water would just run out from the bottom of the weep holes at the rear back of the doors.
Before this would happen, I could hear it sloshing around because there were a pair of grommets holding it soon as I removed the grommets it would just drain out, I was getting a good half cup of water out of each door!
It is water between the seals, not in the door cavity.

I really do not think it is acceptable as normal however, and that is based on the volume. I understand water will reach that area, as it does on any car. However, it should not be trapped there in quantity. Opening the door causes a small flood to pour out. Yes, that is a bit of hyperbole, but the amount is not insignificant, and if you could catch it all likely would be equial to at least a couple full measurable cups worth.

Normally the doors should be engineered to allow this water that gets in there to also get out and be released on its own. Not hold it all until the door is open.

For our latest dealer visit, we had a loaner 2017 which did not do this for instance. Nor has any other car I have owned, and it is a long list.

It goes in again tomorrow, to a new dealer, so we will see how it goes. But really, this particular MKC while being an amazing ride and drive, has been a real disappointment in build quality and reliability.
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