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EZ Pass in Pa.

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I have been having trouble with EZ Pass.
Is it the insulated glass?
Anyone else have EZ Pass not work all the time ?
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Mine is on the windshield, and always works.
I held mine up because i don't like to see it on the Windshield.
Like TxTom, mine is on the windshield and always works.
I am also in PA, and currently have a date night MKC. I had to hold up my ez-pass and did not have an issue.
Where in Pa. are you from ?
I am from Delaware County,but now live in Hatfield, Pa.
i probably live about 10 minutes away from you then.
Where are you now ?
Do you plan on making any changes to your MKC ?
I am considering new wheels.
Do you like these ?
It would be fun to see each others MKC.

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Unfortunately I am merely a temporary owner. Date night MKC goes back in a few hours.

Rims are so hard to judge without seeing in person. I maybe like the second better, it still has an effect of making the rim appear larger while not exposing so so much of the rotor/caliper. I do like the rims on the Date Night one (19" Premium Painted Aluminum Wheel 5-Spoke on the builder). I would likely go with them if I purchased.
To get the 19's you have to move up to Reserve which add's about $7000.00.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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