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For those of you with hazelnut interior.

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What color is the carpeting in the hazelnut interior?

I want to buy winter mats and color key them.

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Where are you buying winter mats from?
Have you looked into WeatherTech?
I want to buy weathertech, but I need to know the carpeting color.

The car is supposed to be"ahem" in by the 15th of November.
I'm also trying to decide on which color weathertech mats to purchase. Sorry, I can't help you on the floor color for a hazelnut interior. I have an espresso colored floor w/ sand seats. I think the black might look better than the tan. :confused:
I have Hazelnut (Reserve pkg) and the floor carpet is definitely black (as well as the headliner and A/B pillars). The factory floor mats are black as well.
when in doubt, black is always a good option from how i see it, since it does go with just about anything.
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