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Hey, I was just reading the SiriusXM antenna thread and saw someone asking/wondering if Ford was reading our posts to know about our problems. I don't know if it's been addressed in another thread and I'm missing it or not, but I just wanted to point out they DO do this in other Ford forums. As a Mustang owner, I frequented a Mustang forum and we had a self-identified Ford customer service rep out of Dearborn who would offer to check on members cars, escalate issues to a higher tier of attention, etc. She seemed to be doing this as an official duty and not as a spacetime hobby. She was very friendly and helpful and at last check, had over 5,000 posts on the forum.
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Yep, her name is Daysha, awesome rep, incredibly nice and very helpful, and i say this through my own experiences dealing with her...she helped me out several part is; she's a very straight shooter,she says what she means and generally means what she says!
Wish she shows up here!
Well that's just great for the Mustang owners but shouldn't Lincoln have someone do the same thing and identify themselves? So far I haven't seen anyone come forward. Maybe it's Mathew McC because he had a Lincoln long before someone paid him to drive one :)
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I have wondered about this also. There is another 'official' site that I think Lincoln set up, but it is dead as a hammer. Hope they swallow their pride and look over here where the action is.
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