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I can tell you one thing for sure!...My 2.0 2018 MKC AWD is the MOST finicky car about fuel that I've ever owned! 87 octane or premium, it doesn't seem to mater so much...a little more peak power with premium. Off-brand (often times stale!) gasoline, and the thing runs like I'm towing a trailer, and gets LOUSY mileage. I've got about 52k miles on it now.

Last week driving out to Colorado, I was getting about 26-27mpg with Phillips 66 premium. That's cruising at about 82 across Kansas. At that speed, I don't think that's too bad with a few hundred pounds of tools and parts in the rear.

Stopped (nearly empty) at a no-name convenience store that only had 87. With 20 miles to empty, I didn't have much choice but to put that in. Mileage dropped to 19.5, and stayed there till I could fill-up with some 87 (mid-grade at high altitude) at a Pilot truck stop in CO. Mileage popped back up to 26.5, and stayed there climbing to Denver and Boulder.

I've noticed the same situation numerous times before. Usually from filling up at no-name gas stations. I usually run "Top Tier" rated, major brand gas in my MKC. That rating assures you of getting a big load of detergent additives that keep injectors clean. There are times when I've had no choice however, and the mileage has always suffered when I have.

I honestly think some of these cheap gas stations are buying old, stale gasoline, and filling their tanks with it...or passing off E85 for regular. Some cars don't seem to care much. I have a 2018 Subaru Outback that runs great on anything I put in it. Consistently about 30mpg. I could probably drain the fryer tanks at McDonald's, and it would run on it (not really, but you know what I mean). Subaru don't care...MKC cares a bunch! Only the best for Mr. Lincoln!

Dave O.
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