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Gear shift issues?

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I have the 2.3 engine. At times I feel the transmission hesitates. Almost like the engine is too powerful for the car. Gears shift but the engine can't keep up. It mostly happens when going slow, no issues on the highway. Anyone else experience this?
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Mine does the same. Going to get the trans re flashed at the dealer when I get the first oil change
My MKC (2.0 FWD) does a real creepy thing when I need to accelerate from low speed. The transmission kicks down quickly but the engine just seems to almost die, feeling overwhelmed by the process. After a full couple seconds - literally, it takes off a bit unpredictably and non-linearly. If this is "turbo lag", it's very challenging to the driver - not to mention the associated and unacceptable torque steer in the speed build up.
I'm aware of this consistent situation and will avoid such situations until I can leave the car with Lincoln for a while. I doubt there will be anything appreciable done other than "re-flashing" the associated computer chips. We'll see. My MKC was one of the first purchased in mid-July so hopefully the people at Lincoln that are responsible for these issues have new cures. I have faith - and I'm a huge fan of the vehicle!
My MKC 2.3 will also occasionally experience a tad of turbo lag in the "D" mode. When in
"S" mode the lag is nearly insignificant. If I can slightly anticipate the need to accelerate I will punch the "S" mode in advance as I mash on the pedal - have yet to be disappointed.

As far the the MKC six speed transmission... it continues to be slow. Rented a new Chevy Equinox 4 cylinder 2.4 (formerly Saturn Vue) this weekend. It has the same transmission (GM-Ford 6-speed automatic transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), but it sure is significantly snapper and would readily downshift to 2nd gear.
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