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Happy and Healthy New Year All

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Here's to no more problems with our MKC's in 2016
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Hoping your New Year is less troublesome also.
Having recently purchased a 16 MKC and being an infrequent visitor to the forum one cannot miss the multitude of problems you have incurred.
Have you investigated your states Lemon Law process? Thk you live in NJ and a quick Google chk indicates you have what appears to be a robust program that does not require a lawyer.
I've had two friends here in CA use our program successfully without legal assistance and they were quite happy with a sad problem.
You deserve better than what you have experienced!
Thanks mmoretti! A very special wish to you that your MKC issues get resolved as soon as possible so you can enjoy the new year.

And all the best to all here on the forum!!
Happy New Year guys/gals.....Wish you Happy trouble free motoring for 2016 mmoretti, hopefully, everything will be resolved to your satisfaction!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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