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Heat on the Left AC on the Right

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Had a strange experience on our MKC yesterday. Started the car. The driver's side vents blew very warm air, the passenger side blew cold air. I had to drive with this for about 4 miles.

To correct, I turned the AC on and off. Put on MAX AC. Turned the car off and let it sit. When I restarted the car, the problem continued. Finally, I switched to defrost. That fixed the issue when I switch back to AC. Both sides of the vehicle vents blew cool air.

I'm guessing an air blend door stuck. I'll be watching for this in the future to see if it needs to be fixed.
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This happened to me once in my 2011 Explorer. The issue came back and had to bring it in for service.
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Hello, I just posted that same situation. Did you have to service your car on the long term? I want to find out what causes it since it has happened to me twice since I bought my car in 2015. Thanks.
Happened once in ours. Turned it the car off and back on, fixed itself and hasn't happened since.
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