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I am replacing the heater/AC blower motor-fan assembly in a 2015 Lincoln MKC. The blower is deep in the dash and there are quite a few steps for its removal and replacement. I'm following instructions in the Chilton online manual.

Things were going just fine, but now all progress is stopped because I can't figure out how to remove a single 8mm X 1 inch hex head retaining screw. The screw secures a 3 X 6 x 2 inch folded sheet metal bracket to a 1 inch metal supporting tubing inside the upper center right dash. A picture of the bracket and screw looking at it from the direction of the firewall is attached.

The bracket has to be taken off so that the air inlet duct assembly can be removed, and after that the blower motor- fan can be removed and replaced.

The screw lies above the metal bracket with about 3 1/2 inches between its head and the firewall. Below the screw is the largest flat portion of the metal bracket. The screw is oriented with the head toward the firewall. I can touch it with my finger tips from several directions, but I can't get a socket and wrench on it good enough to remove it. I have tried many 1/4 and 3/8 drive sockets, extensions, universal joints, and a flexible drive. The flexible drive will connect to the screw head, but it can't supply enough torque to remove it.

Once the screw and bracket are off the job is almost done. Before I lose my cool and cut away the bracket to get to the screw (just kidding / maybe kidding) I am asking for any and all advice, tips, tricks, specialty tool recommendations, or any other suggestions anyone has on how I might remove the screw.

I am probably overlooking some obvious technique or tool. I haven't tried an air driven ratchet because of the limited area for a ratchet head.

Thanks to all.

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