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I've seen some posts about the DRL's but never about my specific question:
My car is parked in my garage and I've always understood that it's not a good thing to turn your HID's on, and then off a few seconds later, as eventually this will shorten the life of those expensive HID's. The problem with the MKC is if you want to have the DRL's come on automatically (like they do in most every other car I've used), you must keep the light switch in the auto position. Since my car is in a garage it senses darkness (even with the garage door open and a bright sunny day), the HID's come on automatically until I back out of the garage...about 5 seconds which case the HID's turn off and leave the DRL's on automatically.

I know that I can turn the control knob to "off" and just manually turn the DRL's on when I start the car, but I'm so used to auto DRL's that I always forget to manually turn them on until I've been driving for awhile. Does anyone know about what I wrote about turning on and off the HID's and whether that info is correct? Since I've only had the MKC a month, anyone have a better solution?

By the way, the DRL's are the LED squares towards the bottom of the bumper. There are no fog lights. The curved light adjacent to the headlight is not considered a DRL by Lincoln, they actually call it "Signature Accent Lighting" and I'm not even sure if they are LED's. During the day I like the LED squares and Signature Lighting to always be on, but it looks like my only way to accomplish this it to leave the lights in auto mode and perhaps shorten the life of the HID's or turn them off and hope I remember to turn them back on manually. Sorry for the long post but after seeing some misleading posts about fog lamps and DRL's, I wanted to be clear about my question.
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