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2015 MKC Reserve with 85,000 miles. This unit has been great to me, thus far and she deserves to be looked after in return as nothing, at all, major, so very pleased thus far... Tranny and rad both recently flushed; value your input and advisse to help me prioriitize what is next and so on? Respect this question(ss) may already of been answered? I have now owned this vehicle much longer than anticipated, due to market conditions and also have not hung onto or owned this high of mileage of vehicle for several decades and appears we will ride this MKC to what may be well over 100,000 miles as I await supply and demand issues post pandemic to return to whatever normal is. Thinking that brake flush-pads next; then dropping rear and front (?) differentials; any of you needed or proactively replaced the timing chain and other things, like spark plugs at 100,000 miles and? Yes - regular synthetic oil changes on my previous CPO unit purchased five+/- years ago with 20,000 miles. Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts