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Expect some electrical gremlins to periodically show themselves after purchasing such as with the power liftgate.
Get a CarFax report if they don't provide one because not all dealers do. $40 wasted is better than tens of thousands of dollars.
Make sure the oil is normal and not frothy. It should be normal if it smells like gas since my '18 does. That's just how direct-injected engines are. The oil level may also be a little over the full mark due to gas diluting the oil which is why routine oil changes are important. All GDI engines I've owned do this, some more than others.
Make sure the transmission shifts normally.
Test out all electronics to make sure they work.
Have them check the battery and know when it was last replaced. All kinds of weird things happen when they start to go. If it goes into deep sleep mode frequently (infotainment display will show the message) that's a definite sign, especially if it does this 24 hours after driving, rather than say 2 weeks. With mine the airbag light came on and forward collision avoidance activated for no reason. Problems solved after replacing the battery with a nice AGM one (which I got them to pay for, but I bought CPO).
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