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I need some help.....again!

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Hi Guys,
Going back to the early beginning of my ownership experience, I was having trouble setting up my heated steering wheel to come on when I FOB start the MKC....some amazing good soul gave me a walk around how to finally get it right and it's been working just fine since...
A couple days ago I took her to the dealer and they did a general reset due to some rear hatch issues I am having, and that cancelled the settings!
Can anyone that knows how to program this heated steering at startup with fob PLEASE post a walk through for me, Thank You before hand for the help.
Please be as detailed as you can, thanks again...
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It's a parameter setting on the left side on the cluster. I think I was part of that discussion awhile back. Ambient outside temperature determines whether it comes on or not along with the heated seats.
somehow and someone (not sure who it was) gave me a write up how to set it up, I looked for the post but could not find it.....Till the reset the dealership did it came on every time I started it up.
Anyone? know how to set this up again....
Mario, I was the one that posted the they are again :)

Ok 5.0 Candy, here goes

1. Using the left controls on the steering wheel, select Vehicle
2. Now you will see in the display Drive Control, DTE Calculation, Easy Entry/Exit, Auto Engine Off. Using the the down arrow on the steering wheel, keep pressing it until you see in the display Remote Start
3. Using the right arrow, press once and you will see 4 options - Climate Control, Front and Wheel, Duration, System
4. Highlight Climate Control and use the right arrow. Now you have 2 options - Auto and Last Settings. Select Auto.
5. Use the left arrow to return to the previous screen. Use the down arrow and select Front and Wheel. Use the right arrow and you will see Auto Heated and Off. Select Auto Heated.
6. Use the left arrow to return to the previous screen. Use the down arrow and select Duration. Use the right arrow and you will see 5, 10, 15 minutes. Select which ever amount of time you want the car to run when you start it with the remote start.
7. Use the left arrow to return to the previous screen. Use the down arrow and select System. Make sure that there is a check mark beside System.

That's the seats and wheel should either heat or cool depending on the outside temperature when you remote start.
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Thank you country guy....I thought it was you, but I was not positive, THANK YOU for taking the time and reposting this, very much appreciated! I just put a bookmark on this's not going to get away from me again LOL.
Thank you blankster for all your help as well....greatly appreciated man. When they did a reset to the system at the dealership, the previous settings I had were blown out....I played with the settings and somehow (don't ask me how I managed to) but I got it to engage the auto heated steering wheel again!!!
Was reading that post you sent me blankets,I also am confused how the auto climate works in this ride....when I auto start mine, this is what happens: lock, then start x2 cars runs steering wheel starts heating up, but NOT the seats, when I open the car and get in, the fan speed is running at a pretty high speed, almost sounds as if it's on max high, it also defaulted to defrost vent..... as soon as I engage drive, the fan speed seems to lower down but stays in the default defrost....I guess if I choose the upper vents facing driver/passenger BEFORE i shut it down, then at start up those should come on instead of the defrost, or I would thing so anyways, I'll try that tomorrow and see if that would work.
Not sure why it's auto default setting always goes to high fan speed, on a stone cold car, that (in my mind) does not help....I can see it working the other way round tho, at start up, It's logical the fan speed should start at a lower speed and as the car warms up, the fan speed increases....but I'm not an engineer either!
Thanks again country guy and blankster for all your help,Cheers!
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On the 2016 model the wiper park area heats depending on ambient temperature also. I do remote starts with the app for my wife when she's leaving work and she loves it. The MKC seems to warm up quickly.
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